The second task of the ISDAMP project is modeling. The leader of this task is IST. IST will produce the hydrodynamic model MOHID, and EIGSI will produce the barrier model BAR3D. The modeling  work package conducted during this project includes:

  • B1 : Local hydrodynamics model

Several technical reports from this Work Package are available in the Documention section.

To see examples of operational ocean predictions, please visit IST-Maretec’s forecast pages for the latest currents, salinity and temperature predicted by the MOHID model for the regions of La Rochelle and Lisbon:

                          Lisbon                                                        La Rochelle

Operational_Model_Lisbon                          Operational_Model_LaRochelle

  • B2 : Barrier operational models (EIGSI)

The BARRIER model is developed at EIGSI. The model uses geographic (latitude, longitude) and hydrodynamic (current and wind speed) outputs from a hydrodynamic model (eg MOHID Water). These values are used to determine an optimal placement for an oil boom in case of accidental pollution. Here is an simple example of boom placement:


  • B3 : Dynamic Working of Equipment (EIGSI)
  • B4 : Stochastic variablility
  • B5 : Model Validation