EIGSI is a multidisciplinary Engineering School (Ecole d’Ingénieurs) with 2 campuses, one in La Rochelle, the second in Casablanca (Morocco). EIGSI has two main research areas: firstly renewable energies and protection of coastal environment, which is the topic of ISDAMP, and secondly improving clean mobility. EIGSI’s research teams have been involved in several European projects as partners or leader with various roles depending on the project.

The research planned by EIGSI in ISDAMP project is in line with the skills and experience of the team. Several similar projects have been led by EIGSI like SIMBAR, BAR3D at national level and also in a near future in Arcopol platform (Coop Atlantico).

  • Modelling the dynamic behaviour of booms (floating barriers); EIGSI developed specific software to help the design of the implementation of booms according to several parameters like currents, flows, meteorological factors….
  • Organising real life experiments of booms (in La Rochelle, Brest, Lorient…) and to planning the tasks of stakeholders involved in such operations (security, marine, local authorities…)
  • Conducting the experiments and analysing the results in order to validate the models